COMBITHERM thermal winter mats


Thermal winter mats

Thermal winter mats - optimises the curing time and prevents frost penetration

When the winter weather creates problems with newly-cast foundations, COMBITHERM thermal winter mats are the ideal solution.

Noticeable advantages

  • Extends the construction season
  • High-level insulating properties
  • Very strong and durable
  • Flexible – optimum adaptability
  • May be repaired, if torn
  • Space-saving
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Free of poisons and dust – require no  protective equipment
Optimise curing time with thermal winter mats
Thermal winter mats prevents frost penetration

Combitherm winter mats with high-level insulating properties

The documented, high-level insulating property is further strengthened by the construction and flexibility of the winter mat ensuring optimum cover of the item. Add to this that the insulating material is fixed in the foil in full width and length ensuring that its area is fully used.


There are numerous examples of professional end-users have reused their COMBITHERM winter mat for many years. If an accident were to happen and the mat is ripped, it can be repaired using duct tape. In case of water penetration the mat is suspended so that the water runs out of it. Then, the tear is taped up and the mat may be used again – without a reduction in the insulating properties.


Thanks to the material Polywool®, the COMBITHERM winter mat can be compressed so as to take up as little space as possible during storages as well as transport. Shortly after being unpacked, the mat has decompressed to its full size.

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Environmentally friendly

COMBITHERM winter mats are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, 100% free of poisons and dust. They may, thus, be disposed of as combustible waste at the local refuse conversion plant with less time consumption and at lower cost.

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