05 January 2021 - kl. 12:00

Tablets in thermal clothing

Pharmaceutical manufacturer PHARMA NORD ships medicines, vitamins and supplements to more than 40 countries, often by air. Therefore, the temperature fluctuations to which the goods are exposed on the way to the customer must be controlled.
“We work within the product groups of medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements, and therefore, with very high quality standards in our company. So, there must also be control over how the products reach the customer. By using COMBITHERM’s thermal covers, we have even better assurance that our shipments comply with the temperature limits during transport,” says Claus Hansen, Supply Chain Manager and Chief Financial Officer at PHARMA NORD. The company employs about 500 people.
“It’s actually not so much about the time the item is on the aircraft, on board the lorry or temporarily stored in a warehouse, because here the temperature is generally controlled. It’s more about the situations where our products are being moved from the aircraft to warehouse and back again in connection with stopovers, that is, when the goods are on pallets on the tarmac next to the aircraft,” Claus continues.

Documentation in place
Therefore, it is vital for Claus Hansen that nothing goes wrong on the transport route. The company puts temperature loggers on both the inside and outside of a pallet. Inside because it is the one that shows how their products are affected and outside to be able to assess the temperature of the ‘environment’ around the products. The measurements from the temperature loggers can be analysed with specially designed software, where it is possible to follow the temperature fluctuations continuously.
“For me, it’s about keeping the temperature stable and should the ‘environment’ temperature rise, it’s then crucial that the product temperature increases as slowly as possible when the pallet, for example, is standing on the tarmac while they wait to be driven to storage, or on board the aircraft. Therefore, we have researched the possibilities and found that COMBITHERM has the right solutions. With some adjustments, the product works well for us,” says Claus Hansen.

Good collaboration
“Both the initial meeting with COMBITHERM, as well as not least the subsequent collaboration about modification and adjustments to PHARMA NORD’s needs, has been extremely positive. Today we have an excellent solution, so the item reaches the customer safely,” Claus Hansen adds.
“We don’t compromise on the quality of our products, and we must at all times maintain the integrity of the products, and therefore, the transport must of course also be in order,” he says.
At COMBITHERM, it is precisely this type of assignment that the company makes a virtue out of handling.
“It’s precisely this type of special assignment that we are particularly strong at, among other things, because we can adapt the product to the exact task,” says Morten Bro Petersen, Resale Sales Manager from COMBITHERM.