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Pallet covers are a simple, practical and very sustainable solution

Chilled meals for the elderly must be handled and delivered based on strict requirements for the correct temperature being maintained from production to delivery. Madservice Vejen meets that requirement in full. Since 2011, the large communal kitchen has used Combitherm pallet covers to ensure a stable low temperature when the food is transported to the recipients.

- We collect all deliveries in special mobile cages which are stored in a room where the temperature is three degrees. They are transported to senior centres and private homes in a refrigerated lorry with a cargo room at a temperature of five degrees, and the pallet covers ensure that the temperature of the food never gets too high - even on a hot day, says Gitte Larsen, Senior Catering Specialist at Madservice Vejen.

The large communal kitchen in Holsted was established in 2011 and, every weekday, it delivers food to more than 800 primarily elderly residents who are affiliated with the scheme. The food must be delivered every day at more than 30 different destinations in the Vejen Municipality, and with a sensitive product in the cargo room, the correct temperature is crucial.

- KEN Storkøkkener recommended the Combitherm pallet covers when the kitchen opened in 2011. Previously, we stuffed each box with cooling elements but it is more cumbersome and, above all, it takes more time because the elements have to be moved every single time. These hoods are the optimum solution, because they are easy to put on, and as soon as they are zipped up, they keep in the cold - even on a hot day, says Gitte Larsen.

To her and the 30 employees of Madservice Vejen, there are several advantages to the pallet covers:

- When rolling the cages from cold storage to the car and, again, when handing them over, they are briefly exposed to the open air. In these situations, the covers protect against dust, dirt and grime and we do not have to worry about a bird dropping landing in the food because it is all well-protected. At the same time, the covers are easy to clean and wipe down when it is necessary and, when not in use, they are easily rolled up and set aside, the Senior Catering Specialist points out.

The original pallet covers were replaced here in 2020 and this is also cause for an appreciative word from Gitte Larsen:

- Naturally, buying 16-17 new covers at the same time is quite an expenditure. On the other hand, they are very durable. We use them each and every day and have never had any issues with them. This is also why I was in no doubt when we learned earlier this year that the old covers had to be replaced – naturally, we had to have new ones of a similar model which is tailored to our purpose, she says and is happy to pass on a recommendation:

- We have always found them to be a really good investment. The covers are easy to work with on an everyday basis, they are solid – and, most importantly, they keep the food chilled at the temperature required, says Gitte Larsen.