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DHL specialises in global transport solutions in all emerging markets, including the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the requirements for correct temperature are in focus throughout transport. The solution from Combitherm was and is “rather simple” according to Hanne Reher: A specially sewn cover that can cover an air-cargo pallet with eight Euro-pallets, while at the same time maintain the desired temperature.
“In connection with pharmaceutical transport, we operate under GDP, a strict set of rules, where we must at all times be able to document that we comply with the requirements for correct temperature during the entire transport process. Our solution is ‘DHL Thermonet’, which is 24-7 monitoring that continuously monitors the temperature of the goods through temperature loggers. Here, the covers from Combitherm are an optimal solution for several reasons. They meet our requirements for protection against huge temperature fluctuations on the tarmac, they are easy to handle and they are an economically good alternative to active refrigeration units. However, the prerequisite is that the product has a degree of tolerance in relation to minor temperature fluctuations, which may be the case during loading/unloading at an airport,” says Hanne Reher.

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Arla Foods

Arla Foods uses pallet covers in connection with air freight of cheese to most parts of the world including destinations such as South Africa or Japan.

Here, the pallet covers fully satisfy our requirement that the tempera­ture of the transported goods will never exceed 3 ­ 5 degrees during transportation.

Before, we used a cardboard/polystyrene solution that was very time­consuming and inexpe­dient in all aspects. The pallet covers are much easier to work with = a cheaper solution that requires less man hours.

Also, we experience a lot of flexibility in our daily dealings with COMBITHERM. Our pallet covers are specially designed for our needs and every now and again, we need an additional amount of covers but this is never a problem and the situation is always dealt with in a flexible and forthcoming way.

Michael Korsgaard Rasmussen, Logistik, operation & planning
Arla Foods

Blue Water Shipping

As an international transport and logistics company, we ship temperature sensitive goods all over the world. We use COMBITHERM pallet covers for both refrigerated goods and frozen goods.

The best way to rate the performance of the pallet covers is to study the feedback from our customers. They unanimously tell us how happy they get when they receive their goods and they still have the temperature this is paramount to the shelf life of the products.

Previously, we used another solution but the COMBITHERM pallet covers require less work and are more efficient. The pallet covers are made to our specifications ­ for example, addition of a logo on the pallet covers should a client want this.

At COMBITHERM, we see the same positive and creative approach to challenges as you do with us. They focus on solutions, not limitations.

Ditte Christine Dam Øhlenschlæger, Airfreight Perishables Specialist
Blue Water Shipping

Proteus Equipment

For almost 30 years, we have been using COMBITHERM products including their very  popular winter mats.

In all those years, COMBITHERM has been one of our most reliable, consistent and service­minded suppliers and their products have proven themselves to the customers, thanks to their high quality and durability.

This has allowed us to build long­ term and lasting relationships with customers who use COMBITHERM products.

Ben Fox, Proteus Equipment, England

KEN Storkøkken

Chilled meals for the elderly must be handled and delivered based on strict requirements for the correct temperature being maintained from production to delivery. Madservice Vejen meets that requirement in full. Since 2011, the large communal kitchen has used Combitherm pallet covers to ensure a stable low temperature when the food is transported to the recipients.

- Naturally, buying 16-17 new covers at the same time is quite an expenditure. On the other hand, they are very durable. We use them each and every day and have never had any issues with them. This is also why I was in no doubt when we learned earlier this year that the old covers had to be replaced – naturally, we had to have new ones of a similar model which is tailored to our purpose, she says and is happy to pass on a recommendation:

- We have always found them to be a really good investment. The covers are easy to work with on an everyday basis, they are solid – and, most importantly, they keep the food chilled at the temperature required, says Gitte Larsen.

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Pharma Nord

Pharmaceutical manufacturer PHARMA NORD ships medicines, vitamins and supplements to more than 40 countries, often by air. Therefore, the temperature fluctuations to which the goods are exposed on the way to the customer must be controlled.
“We work within the product groups of medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements, and therefore, with very high quality standards in our company. So, there must also be control over how the products reach the customer. By using COMBITHERM’s thermal covers, we have even better assurance that our shipments comply with the temperature limits during transport,” says Claus Hansen, Supply Chain Manager and Chief Financial Officer at PHARMA NORD

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Gandrup Element

Casting concrete elements is an advanced technological and chemical process that needs to be controlled down to the smallest detail in order to achieve the right quality. Gandrup Element A/S excels at this technique and has optimised the curing process in collaboration with Combitherm

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